Learn Like Liberty

Scholarships for DIPG siblings and Clintonians

We offer two scholarships in Liberty’s honor and memory via the Learn Like Liberty program.

The Liberty Arnold-Simon Memorial Scholarship is given to graduating seniors annually who attended 3-year-old CHS preschool and/or 4-year-old CES preschool and are completing high school at any public, private, alternative, or home school that children in the district can attend.

The Liberty and Verity Arnold-Simon DIPG Sibling Scholarship is given annually to graduating high school seniors, undergraduate students, graduate students, or technical apprentices that are the sibling of a child who is currently fighting or has died from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), or has died from any other pediatric cancer. Applicants can be located anywhere in the US.

These scholarships are restricted funds for use with college or technical apprenticeship expenses only, but can be used for expenditures such as books, meal plans, public transport passes, materials, and similar.

There are two recipients annually for each scholarship program. $250 is distributed to each recipient. The board of the foundation has the right to select more or less recipients based on the number of applicants and available funds.

Applications and essays must be submitted and received by May 1st of each year to be considered for that year’s award for the local scholarship.

For the sibling scholarship, applications and essays are accepted and considered on a rolling basis.

Get more info and apply for the local scholarship here:

Liberty Arnold-Simon Memorial Scholarship

Get more info and apply for the DIPG sibling scholarship here:

Liberty and Verity Arnold-Simon DIPG Sibling Scholarship

Recipients of the Liberty Arnold-Simon Memorial Scholarship

  • 2021: Colin Small (Clinton High School)
  • 2022: Abigail Callinan (Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School) and Kaelan Silvio (Clinton High School)
  • 2023: Brayden O'Leary (Clinton High School) and Emily Woodsmall (Advanced Math and Science Academy)

For Liberty's 11th birthday in August, the only thing we want is donations to the Love for Liberty Arnold-Simon DIPG Foundation to help bereaved pediatric cancer families as well as our local community. Every penny will go directly to funding the foundation’s unique programs. Donate through our fundraiser on Facbook, or you can donate to Love for Liberty Arnold-Simon DIPG Foundation through our donate page. Thanks for your support!