How to help us fund our services and support

Currently donations are accepted via PayPal (including credit cards), check, or cash.

Checks should be written out to the “Love for Liberty Arnold-Simon DIPG Foundation” and can be sent to:

Love for Liberty Arnold-Simon DIPG Foundation
PO Box 403
Clinton, MA 01510

Cash or check can also be handed in-person to a member of the Board with prior arrangement. We do not recommend sending cash via postal mail.

You can designate your donation to DIPG family bereavement services or the local fund, or let us decide which need is greater at the time of your donation.

With PayPal, you may choose to make a monthly donation.

Please email us with any questions.

Love for Liberty Arnold-Simon DIPG Foundation is a charitable organization registered in the state of Massachusetts. We are currently pending 501(c)3 federal status and all donations will be tax-deductible retroactively upon approval. Approval of federal non-profit status will be announced here and on our mailing list.