Liberty’s Hearts

Meet-ups and retreats for bereaved DIPG families

We believe nothing creates strong, lasting connections between DIPG families as well as encourages families to learn how to live with their grief in their own way like in-person time with other DIPG parents and siblings, enjoying activities and each others’ company and providing understanding in a tranquil setting.

We will be offering family meet-ups where those within “local” driving distance (ie a couple hours) of central Massachusetts can come to a DIPG family meal at no cost to them. We are aiming for the first of these to take place in spring 2019.

We will be offering all-inclusive multi-day bereavement retreats at a retreat center in New England. These will include travel costs for families in the US and Canada, all meals, and activities for adult and children. Activities may include counseling, drama play, art and music therapy, swimming, hot tubbing, family photoshoots, group share, and honoring our DIPG children We are aiming for the first of these to take place in summer 2019 lasting 5-7 days.

We will be offering one-day meetups for those within “local” driving distance (ie a few hours) of central Massachusetts inclusive of lunch, dinner, and activities for adults and children such as but not limited to a scavenger hunt, drama play, crafts, group share, and honoring our DIPG children. Our goal is to start these sometime in 2019.

(Activities are examples and no specific activity is guaranteed.)

Please sign up to our mailing list if you’d like to be notified when applications are available for meet-ups and retreats.

Also please sign up for the mailing list and email us if you’d like to volunteer to provide a service at these events such as massage, art therapy, or music therapy.